About Me

I am Emma, closer-to-40-than-30, mum to 2 mostly adorable but mad and often also very irritating young kids, married to a long suffering lucky travel mad husband. We’re currently expats on our second assignment out of the UK. My love of travelling was instilled at an early age – living in the UK, US and Australia by the time I was 10 and adding South America at 18. Since then I’ve lived back in South America, in the US twice and in the Middle East and that’s not to mention the backpacking holidays we have had!

I’ve thought a few times about starting a blog but I never really felt I could contribute any unique content which for me was a deal breaker. Until now…

Since having kids we have struggled to find the balance between holidays that feel authentic to our passion for travel and yet that work for them. We’ve had some disasters I can tell you! Our last holiday just hit the spot. It ignited one of those ‘when we retire and if we had a hotel and if we had money to build what we wanted…’ type conversations. It was on this holiday that I had my lightbulb moment and realised there are ways for us all to have an enjoyable holiday. It doesn’t have to be either just for the kids (I call them the Things) or just for us. That holiday and the conversation about it were what sparked my idea for this blog.

We both miss the sense of community that you get when backpacking. It is so easy going, spontaneous and friendly. I want this blog to have that sense of community where you get ideas and inspiration – not just from me but from other people. Travelling with kids and having a holiday that is true to who you were before kids is totally possible (with some compromises).

Let’s find out how together!