Wine on the beach!

How to Choose a Resort in the Maldives

A couple of years ago, I started one of those chat enquiries with a travel agent online. “Hi!” types the chirpy agent at the other end. “How can I help you today?” I didn’t know where to start. I just wanted her to tell me how to choose a resort in the Maldives! Read more

A Staycation at the St Regis!

It is so so hard when you are living in the desert over the summer to think of enough things to do with the family to keep everyone entertained. We haven’t even been here all summer and I’m already slowly losing the will to live going to multiple soft plays every week! I mean thank goodness we have access to so many of them but still… it’s pretty mind numbing, not to mention expensive. To be honest, I don’t know why a staycation hadn’t occurred to me before! Read more

A Moment of Calm in a Stressful Holiday

A traumatic weekend break – struggling in Muscat

What makes a bad holiday?

I’m pleased to say we haven’t had any total nightmares… Maybe that’s the advantage of having some time put between me and the events. We have had a few less than ideal holidays though, and our trip to Muscat, Oman was definitely one of them. It was all due to a blend of bad planning, choice parenting decisions and disobedient children. If that doesn’t sound like a good combination, I can confirm that it absolutely wasn’t.

Read more

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Dubai


What a crazy weekend. There are times when this expat life is hard hard hard. But there are times when it really isn’t and this was one of those weekends! Read more


It’s 6am in Dubai which is actually 5am at home. I’m lying in bed in the almost darkness of a hotel room listening to the snores of Mr Wanderlust and the 2 Things. Somewhere between 3am and 5am the Things appeared in our room and the path of least resistance seemed to be to invite them into our bed which is about the size of a small ship.

I’m thinking back to yesterday’s trip here. As trips go it was actually quite smooth Read more