Let’s Do Disney In A Day

The thing I was most excited about for our whole holiday was going to Disneyland California with the Things and my niece. I’m pretty sure I was more excited about Disney than the Things!

Although most people think I am hyper-organised, part of this post is going to reveal I am a massive closet disorganised person! If I was organised you would think I would have researched the cr@p out of a single day trip to Disney… but I didn’t (which has pro’s and con’s all of its own). Some things we did were amazing (the good), some were a bit of a waste of time (the bad), and there were some things we wished we had done (the wishlist). I’ll finish up with some tips for those of you hitting any of the Disney parks this summer. All things considered we had one of the best days EVER so I can’t complain or wish the day had gone any differently.

Note to readers: At the time of our trip the Things were 2 and 5 and their cousin who came with us was 3. All opinions about appropriateness of rides are made with this age group considered. Read more

The Magic City – Miami!

How can you go wrong finishing a 3 week US trip in Miami?!!

Our last leg and it was time for some R&R with S’s parents who conveniently live in Miami – the coast closest to home. We have been to see them many times over the years so it is familiar territory for us. Yet these days even having a chilled out time before we left involved making sure the Things were stimulated and burnt off enough energy each day!

So here is what we did: Read more

H Town (Houston)

So we had had a great week in Los Angeles but it was time to move on. LA to Houston was my first solo flight with 2 kids so more nerves set in for this one. Thankfully we had so many United miles from when we lived in Houston, we could fly business class for about $25!

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LA LA Land! Los Angeles!

What a whirlwind 3 weeks! Our time in Los Angeles at the start of our trip already seems like a distant memory. We are back in the sandpit and past the jet lag for the most part (I was quite enjoying the later wake up times last week but the Things were happy to remind me this weekend – after 2 late nights I might add – that they are over it). Massive post-holiday / re-entry blues are only really mitigated by the lure of the next trip (seriously think I may have an addiction!) which is less than 8 weeks away. Hurrah!

But back to the last 3 weeks… Read more

Planning for the USA!


I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

We have 8 sleeps until we get on a plane to go to the USA. 8 sleeps until we go to the airport with S and stay together as a family… Right up until we board the plane where he will turn left and we will turn right. 8 sleeps until I get to spend 16 hours on a plane with 2 Things and no iPads. Read more