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15 helpful tips for travelling with picky eaters

So after the success of my Facebook post asking for help with our 6 picky Things in Sicily, I wrote a post with my Top 5 Meals for Picky Eaters which also went down really well – yay! And then I thought I should really write a post with tips on how to travel with picky eaters, not just how to feed them food that you know they will eat (although obviously I hope that’s helpful too!).

DISCLAIMER – these are not fail safe methods. Every single one has worked for me at one point or another but they’ve all backfired on me too… Read more

Top 5 Meals For Travelling With Picky Eaters

I asked a question recently on my Facebook page about what to do with picky eaters on holiday. Let me set the scene for you: We had 6 Things on this part of the vacation, all with their own little quirks and preferences. I’ll be honest with you, mine drive me bonkers at the best of times – one will eat scrambled eggs, the other won’t. One will eat baked beans, the other won’t. One will eat ravioli, the other won’t. One will eat salmon…. you get the picture. Read more

10 ways to take amazing holiday photos!

This is a guest post from Rebecca Allen of Becca Allen Photography on taking great holiday photos. 

I was so happy when Emma asked me to share some suggestions for beautifully capturing your holiday moments! I am committed to documenting the everyday moments for our family and I love the fun I’m able to take photos when my kids are home from school and we’re spending more time together.

Whether you’re having an adventure-packed, see-the-world kind of holiday or an easy breezy few months at home, you’re making history and memories that deserve to be documented so you and yours can relive and enjoy them for years to come! We are only given 18 summers with our children and gosh – 18 is not a lot!

Give some of these tips a shot and see how beautiful your holiday can look in photos!

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Facebook Worthy Holidays 

A post by another blogger and some comments from friends got me thinking: the blogger asked about the other side of holidays – the bits that we don’t show on Facebook.

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Let’s Do Disney In A Day

The thing I was most excited about for our whole holiday was going to Disneyland California with the Things and my niece. I’m pretty sure I was more excited about Disney than the Things!

Although most people think I am hyper-organised, part of this post is going to reveal I am a massive closet disorganised person! If I was organised you would think I would have researched the cr@p out of a single day trip to Disney… but I didn’t (which has pro’s and con’s all of its own). Some things we did were amazing (the good), some were a bit of a waste of time (the bad), and there were some things we wished we had done (the wishlist). I’ll finish up with some tips for those of you hitting any of the Disney parks this summer. All things considered we had one of the best days EVER so I can’t complain or wish the day had gone any differently.

Note to readers: At the time of our trip the Things were 2 and 5 and their cousin who came with us was 3. All opinions about appropriateness of rides are made with this age group considered. Read more