10 things that make me happy

I’ve been set a challenge by Alana over at Burnished Chaos to write a post about 10 Things That Make Me Happy. Its not my usual type of post but I like a challenge! I think trying out different styles of writing will ultimately make me a better writer and blogger so here goes (in no particular oder):

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Family,  friends and community

I’m seriously lucky (dare I say #blessed?!!) in this respect and I count my blessings every day. Ok, not every day. Some days I take everything I have for granted (don’t we all?). Some days the Things drive me to distraction and don’t feel all that thankful for anything much except their bedtime and a glass of wine. Most days I look at my family and wonder how I got so lucky. Most days something happens in my real life or my online life where I see people helping each other (helping me) and I marvel at the kindness of the human race.

Happy Days
Happy Days

2. Travel / holidays

I mean I can’t be a travel blogger without this creeping in somewhere. Travelling is what lights my soul. Seeing the world, getting to know new cultures, sharing life changing experiences with my family and friends is amazing. I’m so glad to have discovered my love for it so early in life. I really believe more people travelling can lead to greater tolerance across the world.

We Love To Travel!
We Love To Travel!

3. Exercising

Now I’m not saying I’m ever super happy at 4.45am when I drag my sorry a*** out of bed to workout, BUT I do feel so much better when I have been exercising. Mr Wanderlust and I have been on a bit of a mission this year and it has been super satisfying to see how much stronger and fitter we both are.


4. Tea

I just guest posted for Buckets of Tea about drinking tea with my mum in various different places but the truth is it has featured in many a relationship. Cups of tea in my favourite hometown cafe with my lifelong bestie (who incidentally doesn’t drink tea!). Cuppas round the kitchen table with my university besties. Tea breaks and a chin wag with work friends. New mummy and new expat tea mornings got me out of the house more times than I can count. The first thing I did when Thing 2 deserted me for nursery was take myself off for a solo cup of tea. On my own. For an HOUR. Without. A. Lid. What can I say? I’m British and I seriously doubt there are many things that can’t be made to feel even a little bit better after a good cup of tea.

Tea In All Kinds Of Places
Tea In All Kinds Of Places

5. Hugs

It’s a scientific fact that hugs make you feel better (I mean the internet tells me this so it must be true). If tea can’t help then hugs definitely will. My mum and I even had to invent what we call Skype hugs to account for the reduction in real hugs when I expatriated!

"Cuggles" (Thing 1)
“Cuggles” (Thing 1)

6. Writing

I was surprised by this because I really had no idea if I would like blogging much. Sometimes writing post feels like a bit of a drag but I’m loving the buzz of publishing a new one.Plus the community feel of connecting people or inspiring them is really making me feel amazing.

7. Things that are pink or sparkly

I know, I know I’m a grown woman and this is a totally frivolous one. Anyone who knows me knows my love for all things pink or sparkly. I can’t help it! Just thinking of the word sparkly conjures up images for me of not only lavish things like diamonds and champagne bubbles and fireworks (all of which I love) but also of the sun on snow or water and fairy lights. I mean you can’t deny that all those will put a smile on your face. As for pink… Well, I’m not really a girly girl but… My nails are always pink (it has always been my favourite colour) and it never fails to make me happy.

Desert Rose
Desert Rose

8. Expat life

I could have put this under travel and I could have put it under community but really expat life is a thing all of its own. Expat life is so many things – happiness, sadness, the greatest community, the most unifying and isolating experience, the opportunity to travel and travel and travel some more but never to belong. For all it’s ups and downs it makes me happy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Expat Life
Expat Life

9. Unexpected acts of kindness / service

We’ve had our share of terrible customer service on this trip but when people have been helpful it has been so so appreciated! And not just this week, or only customer services. Any time someone goes out of their way to go above and beyond for a friend or a stranger or a customer it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Part of me thinks it shouldn’t because it should be so normal that it is mundane and I remarkable. The other part of me just rejoices in the feeling and I let it go at that.

I don’t think acts of kindness have to be random or unexpected, a simple hug (see 5.) but if you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than here.

10. Good food and wine

This could also go along with the family and friends category. I love a good meal and a nice glass of wine (or 2…). It makes me so happy to enjoy delicious food whether we have cooked it ourselves or someone has invited us over for dinner. We are just as happy grabbing a bite just the two of us from a little hole in the wall or in a big group in a fancy restaurant. For me I love the social side of eating as much as I enjoy savouring the food and the wine itself.

Nom Nom Nom
Nom Nom Nom

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  1. What a lovely list of happy things Emma! A hug is a sure fire way of making you feel happy, most definitely! And sparkly always makes a girl smile! Thanks for much for sharing your happy list with #HighlightsofHappy. Hope to see you again next week!

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