Bali Part III – Nusa Dua

Last leg

The plan to finish up in a resort in Nusa Dua was intentional since we arrived on Christmas Eve.  I wasn’t sure I could muster the energy to create a houseful of Christmas spirit in one evening when, most likely, I would be wanting to have a large drink or four. We chose Nusa Dua as it is a beach resort but close enough to the airport. No-one wants a long transfer time before a long flight home.

We found a 2 bedroom family suite in the Westin Nusa Dua with loads of room for us all. The hotel boasted a couple of great pools – one with a slide – and a decent kids club. After we had booked it we found a number of great Christmas activities starting with Drinks and Canapés with Santa (I figured these must be our people!).  I was pleased that we had found a great place to spend our first ever Christmas as just the four of us.

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There’s a blog post in my drafts folder which has been there for approximately three weeks. It’s my second installment on Bali and I wrote it the day I published the first installment ready for editing. I didn’t like it. It’s too long so I want S to look at it. He edited Bali Part I and I really liked what he did. I want him to give me his opinion. (Not the opinion where he tells me my style is too chatty though, he can keep that to himself). I’ve even written the third installment for Bali but of course I can’t publish Part III before I publish Part II because… well seriously, who does that? Read more

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Dubai


What a crazy weekend. There are times when this expat life is hard hard hard. But there are times when it really isn’t and this was one of those weekends! Read more


It’s 6am in Dubai which is actually 5am at home. I’m lying in bed in the almost darkness of a hotel room listening to the snores of Mr Wanderlust and the 2 Things. Somewhere between 3am and 5am the Things appeared in our room and the path of least resistance seemed to be to invite them into our bed which is about the size of a small ship.

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Happy days in Bali

Bali Part I – Seminyak

It only seems right that the first post I write on actual holidays we have taken is about our trip to Bali… seeing as it was the one that gave me the idea for the blog in the first place!

This was far and away our best holiday with kids and was even up there with our best holidays ever! (Warning – mostly smug posts coming up but don’t worry there are as many terrible stories to make you all laugh at our expense also in the pipeline). Read more

2017 Holiday Planning – Where To Start?!

If you are anything like me, you will LOVE holiday planning!

I am already planning a trip for winter 2018 and, to be honest, if we had more certainty around our current assignment I’d probably be going for the summer of 2018 as well! I’ve no doubt that my mind racing ahead and asking for commitment from friends and family about a holiday over 12 months in the future is overwhelming for some. Read more

All About This Blog

So here I am. My very first blog post! I figured the best place to start would be with an introduction to me and my reasons for starting this blog. And here goes… Read more