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Fear of travel…with kids

Lots of people are worried about travelling with their kids. People who freely and happily travelled before are suddenly paralysed by fears of running out of nappies or disruption to routines. I’m not belittling the fears – we have all had them! But what happens when the travel you are talking about is expat travel? When the destination is somewhere you are going to live rather than visit for a week or two? When international travel is necessary just to get home? Read more

We had 6 adults and 6 Things in Sicily!

Sicily baby!

Our third and final week in Italy saw us fly to Sicily to meet up with some of Mr Wanderlust’s school friends. And what a week it was!

These lovely chaps happen to have lovely wives and lovely children so we were excited to spend a week catching up. Living away from your country means catch-ups usually happen once a year (twice at best) for an afternoon / evening. You spend the entire time talking as fast as you can to catch up on everyone’s news and leave feeling like you missed something huge. Having a week with friends from home is the ultimate luxury! Read more

Lago di Como (Lake Como)

The lakes in northern Italy have been on my mum’s bucket list for as long as I can remember! I don’t know why they weren’t high up on mine as they should have been. If they aren’t on yours I recommend you add them IMMEDIATELY! We chose Lake Como but we could also have looked at Lake Garda or Lake Maggiore. Lake Como was recommended by friends and George Clooney has a villa there so if it’s good enough for George it’s good enough for us! Read more

10 things that make me happy

I’ve been set a challenge by Alana over at Burnished Chaos to write a post about 10 Things That Make Me Happy. Its not my usual type of post but I like a challenge! I think trying out different styles of writing will ultimately make me a better writer and blogger so here goes (in no particular oder):

10 Things That Make Me Happy

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Amalfi Coast Fun!

Wow wow wow what an amazing week on the Amalfi Coast! As always our time with family was over way too quickly and before we knew it we were off to the next adventure. It sounds like humblebragging but the reality of expat life is that you don’t always know when you say goodbye when the next hello will be, even when it is to your pregnant best friend and sister-in-law… its not all sunshine and roses, I promise. Read more

10 ways to take amazing holiday photos!

This is a guest post from Rebecca Allen of Becca Allen Photography on taking great holiday photos. 

I was so happy when Emma asked me to share some suggestions for beautifully capturing your holiday moments! I am committed to documenting the everyday moments for our family and I love the fun I’m able to take photos when my kids are home from school and we’re spending more time together.

Whether you’re having an adventure-packed, see-the-world kind of holiday or an easy breezy few months at home, you’re making history and memories that deserve to be documented so you and yours can relive and enjoy them for years to come! We are only given 18 summers with our children and gosh – 18 is not a lot!

Give some of these tips a shot and see how beautiful your holiday can look in photos!

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Facebook Worthy Holidays 

A post by another blogger and some comments from friends got me thinking: the blogger asked about the other side of holidays – the bits that we don’t show on Facebook.

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We're adventure loving and proud of it!

Top 6 things to do in Rome

If you were following me on Instagram you will already know that we had the most incredible day in Rome to kick off our holiday. We just loved it and would definitely go back again.

How and when to do Rome

We went in mid June which was probably a bit too warm but that was just how our dates worked out. If we could have had the choice (we are sadly now restricted by school holidays), May or October would probably be ideal.

As we only had one full day, the only way to see everything that we wanted to see was to do a tour. Read more

Italy here we come!

In a desperate attempt to be more organised I am researching what we to do in Italy. This is in no way me procrastinating over the packing that awaits me upstairs… Well maybe not too much! At least I’m being productive… Read more

Let’s Do Disney In A Day

The thing I was most excited about for our whole holiday was going to Disneyland California with the Things and my niece. I’m pretty sure I was more excited about Disney than the Things!

Although most people think I am hyper-organised, part of this post is going to reveal I am a massive closet disorganised person! If I was organised you would think I would have researched the cr@p out of a single day trip to Disney… but I didn’t (which has pro’s and con’s all of its own). Some things we did were amazing (the good), some were a bit of a waste of time (the bad), and there were some things we wished we had done (the wishlist). I’ll finish up with some tips for those of you hitting any of the Disney parks this summer. All things considered we had one of the best days EVER so I can’t complain or wish the day had gone any differently.

Note to readers: At the time of our trip the Things were 2 and 5 and their cousin who came with us was 3. All opinions about appropriateness of rides are made with this age group considered. Read more