You can find all my posts about where we have been and where we are going in here! I’m gradually back filling the archives with trips that we have taken over the years and spacing that our with more recent trips as and when we take them.

Sembawang Hot Springs Entrance - the Sign is in black capital letters on a white background, there are tropical green plants all around it. In the top left there is an old fashioned style lamp post and the sky is blue with some wispy white clouds

A comprehensive guide to Sembawang Hot Springs

One of the best things about being marooned in Singapore has been the ability to explore the island in ways we just would never have done had we been able to travel frequently like we used to. Last week, I headed to Sembawang Hot Spring Park with a couple of friends and I just had […] Read more…

Coney Island Singapore - there is a yellow sandy beach at the bottom of the image with stepping stones on it. There are some tree branches hanging over from teh left. The turquoise sea is in the mid-ground and behind it the lush vegetation of Pulau Ubin. In the very far distance some cranes in Malaysia can be seen

A comprehensive guide to Coney Island, Singapore

I stared at the beach. Its soft sand was golden, as if we were on a tropical island, and the water was a warm blue. On the horizon, there was the less that paradisiacal view of an industrial site on the southern tip of Malaysia but even that had a coolness to it – we […] Read more…

The Things exploring at the Natural History Museum in London

9 tourist attractions in London for little kids

Going “home” What’s a family to do when visiting the town they left for expat adventures? Its a funny experience taking your kids “home” when home for them is now the place you left. The place you are going on holiday is just that. A holiday destination! There are so many reasons why I love […] Read more…

A comprehensive guide to Pulau Ubin

The excitement among us was palpable. After a previously rained off trip to Pulau Ubin, three friends and I were at Changi point Ferry Terminal armed with both sunscreen and umbrellas. We were ready to go. It seemed a bit ridiculous to be excited about getting on a boat for five minutes but if COVID […] Read more…

The Best Secret Islands In Southeast Asia - 2 swings in the ocean on the left with the beach in the background. The water is incredibly still and there are palm trees on the beach. The sky is blue with just a few wispy clouds on teh left. The moulds are illuminated by the last of a yellow sunset.

Best secret islands in Southeast Asia with kids

Why the best secret islands in Southeast Asia? As you all know, changing how we travel has moved from being something that interests me to being something we just have to do. This isn’t to say that the best secret islands in Southeast Asia need all of us to go there as soon as we […] Read more…

Qatar One Year On - Doha skyline at dust with a dhow boat in the aqua waters on the right

Qatar – one year on

It has been 365 days. 365 days since we got on a plane with many (many, many) suitcases. 365 days since we left our lives in Qatar to start a new life in Singapore. And, serendipitously, today is Eid, a time when celebrations would have been all over the city (pre-COVID, of course). It seemed […] Read more…

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