I’m hoping this is self explanatory but you can find any posts on Asian destinations here.

Beautiful sunsets from beautiful beaches

Phuket With Kids

After moving to the Middle East we had an awesome but VERY tranquil holiday in the Maldives. Then we had a very hectic and a bit stressful holiday in India. THEN we had a shocker in Muscat over a long weekend. So why did we decide to do Phuket with kids? More intelligent people would have […] Read more…

Bali Part III – Nusa Dua

Last leg The plan to finish up in a resort in Nusa Dua was intentional since we arrived on Christmas Eve.  I wasn’t sure I could muster the energy to create a houseful of Christmas spirit in one evening when, most likely, I would be wanting to have a large drink or four. We chose Nusa Dua […] Read more…

The whole Wanderlust family floating along a lazy river at a water park in Bali

Bali Part I – Seminyak

It only seems right that the first post I write on actual holidays we have taken is about our trip to Bali… seeing as it was the one that gave me the idea for the blog in the first place! This was far and away our best holiday with kids and was even up there […] Read more…

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