The planning of the trip can be as exciting as the trip itself (for me at least!). It can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Read all about my planning activities and get some tips on how to make it fun for the whole family.

There are eight ladies stood in front of a white wall. We are all dressed for dinner adn wearingg flat shoes for walking around beforehand. Behind is there are clouds in teh sky that are dark from the coming night. The sky on the horizon is a watery pastel pink and orange.

19 reasons why every mum needs a girls trip

There were squeals at the airport. Big hugs and glowing smiles as we excitedly chatted about flights, sleepless nights, and jobs. After a few minutes, the non-stop talking trailed off as we realised that we had more than a couple of hours to catch up on all our news. After years of missing each other, […] Read more…

Covid-19 / Coronavirus: Snow and bare shrubs in the foreground against a snow capped volcano and a bluebird sky in the background

Coronavirus – safe to travel?

Let’s not start this one with coronavirus. Let’s start with safety in general. Safety when travelling seems to be one of those things that is ever more present in day-to-day conversations. When we moved to the Middle East, people questioned our judgement. “You’ll feel so unsafe,” they said. I countered that with attacks in most […] Read more…

Things To Do In Jordan - Petra's Treasury stands majestically in the background with some tourists taking pictures of it. Two camels are lying down in the sand in the foreground.

Things to do in Jordan

Jordan was, and remains, one of our most memorable trips. Ever. From ancient ruins and desert camping to surreal floating experiences and beaches on crystal clear water, it has so, so much to offer. We absolutely loved our trip to Jordan and would highly recommend it as a trip for any family. I’ve written extensively […] Read more…

Self-drive safari Namibia – 50+ tips and tricks

Have you ever wondered about doing a safari with kids? For years I had and now we’ve done it! We decided against going to one of the more popular countries like Kenya – I think we will save exploring Nairobi for another time. For this trip, we needed something better for small kids and when […] Read more…

Safari first aid Kir - a stock photo of an old / retro fist aid box in white and turquoise with red writing. It says "FIRST AID CASE - Medicines & Bandages".

The ultimate self-drive safari first aid kit

I’m in full-on packing mode, Wanderlusters! Usually one to leave it to the last minute, I’ve had to be a little more prepared this time. This is a holiday like none we’ve taken before and I’m panicking a little that we are going to forget something – including the first aid kit! As I’ve been […] Read more…

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