Expat Life

Since starting Wanderlust and Wet Wipes, people have shown an interest in the person behind the words and my life I am living. I started including posts in my plan all about expat life and some of the things we get up to. My most popular posts are in this category. I wrote one after an encounter with someone who thought I was a “Lady of Leisure“. The other I wrote sometime later after meeting many new expat women and having flashbacks to how it felt when I was the new girl.

Expat friends, me with 4 friends in a bar in singapore

Expat friends

Expat friends.  When you live far away, your friends become your everything. They’re the ones who you got to know super quickly because expat life goes too quickly to let them develop slowly. They’re the ones you call to recommend a doctor or find out where to buy an obscure ingredient that you just can’t […] Read more…

The happiest day in the world - the statue of three swans in teh middle of the still lake are reflected almost perfectly. There are lots of green trees that surround it and the sky is pastel blue with a hint of a sunrise starting

The happiest day in the world

I feel guilty for feeling so happy when other people are happier than me.  Said no one ever.  A couple of weeks ago, Mr Wanderlust and I went to the spa for my birthday. We had a glorious day. It started off in a spin class at my favourite gym with one of my favourite […] Read more…

Thing 1 in a black face mask is on the left. I am on teh right with a white and peach flowery face mask and a bright orange top. Thing 2 is between us with her arms over our shoulders. She is also wearing a bright orange top and has a pink face mask on. Our hair is blowing in the wind and the sky is bright blue

Silver linings

This photo wasn’t this from this weekend.  It wasn’t even from last weekend!  But it was the last time we really got out and did anything adventurous due to the restrictions here. Those restrictions are now being progressively limited but I keep forgetting we can get out and do stuff! Throughout most of COVID, although we […] Read more…

Think one in great shorts and a bright blue top stands at teh top of a green stretch of grass. On the left is green shrubbery and on teh rights some white walls with Spanish style terracotta grooves and shutters. There is also some scaffolding on the left. In the distance is a high rise, some smaller buildings and a blue sky

A long week

It has been a long week. A hard week. An exhausting week. It’s hard to believe that just seven days ago we woke up thinking we were almost a week into three weeks of a few tightened measures. Yes, we could meet up with less people and yes, gyms (a mental health saviour for many […] Read more…

Granny wanderlust on a red sand dune. Behind her the sky is bright blue. She has black trousers on and a blue jumper. Her hands are in her pockets and her right leg is bent, a pace up the dune. She has sunglasses on and her hair is windswept.

Expat life: an open letter from the other side of the world

This is a bit of a different one today, Wanderlusters. I’m handing the reins over to Granny Wanderlust who, it must be said, has been quite the part of my (and our family’s) travel and expat journey. Somehow, she’s managed to stay connected and bonded with our Things despite the distance, time differences and, now, […] Read more…

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