My Amazing Plans for our 2018 Holidays

Where will our travels take us in 2018?

So hopefully you saw my post about how to plan your 2018 holidays like a boss… I thought it might be helpful to tell you all about my amazing plans for our 2018 holidays and maybe give you all some inspiration!

Plan the time first

So following my own advice, we sat down and wrote down everything we wanted to do even though we already knew we would run out of holiday time. Ready for a laugh? Here’s what we came up with:

These are our crazy plans!
These are our crazy plans!

I mean…. Heads. In. The. Clouds. We even had a giggle at our own expense!

But you know, whatever. I said it could be pie in the sky unrealistic (I had to say that knowing what I was planning lol). I knew (we both knew) that there were going to be sacrifices made and that it was going to be messy. We knew we would be disappointed not to be able to do All The Things.

Get serious

Eventually we got serious. We applied the same rationale as I recommend. Skiing was booked so unmovable. A super special wedding for one of my best mates is in July. That’s not negotiable. We messaged family and ascertained that a week with the Wanderlust in-laws could be scheduled for the same time. The 2 weeks in December are a must. Those dates are all fixed now and locked in.

We had to be realistic. The 2 weeks in Australia 6 weeks after a week skiing and 12 after our Jordan trip would be too much. The 2 weeks in August after 2 weeks in July just isn’t feasible. Weekends away can happen but not long ones. Even doing all that we need to maximise our use of national holidays to make it all work but we’re cool with that.

Photo of flowery walkway in Positano. So... What are my amazing plans for our 2018 holidays?
What are my amazing plans for our 2018 holidays?

We have when… So where?

Skiing will be in Les Arcs in France. Much as I’d love to head to the US, a week simply isn’t long enough. We know Les Arcs. It’s a family friendly area and will be good both for the Things to learn and for me to get my ski legs back after over 5 years off the snow.

July will be a week in the UK and a week in Europe – most likely Portugal, Spain or the South of France. We will get a bit of time out of that to hang out just as the four of us which I am excited about. Gone are the days when I dreaded how to entertain our Things. I don’t know why this surprises me but they’re actually growing up to be pretty good company! Most of the time anyway.

And the rest is still up for grabs! We have a few places on the bucket list. Croatia, Cyprus and xxx are easy access from here and all look amazing. We have been wanting to go to Sri Lanka since forever but wanted to wait until our lovely helper moved back which she has now done. I can’t wait to go and see her in her home environment. Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos are really really high on my bucket list but I am concerned that we just won’t have time to do any single one of them justice.

Give me your tips!

A few days ago I asked where the most beautiful places y’all have been are and you came up with some amazing responses. Here are the top 10 (in alphabetical order):

We have more places than trips for 2018.... oppps!
More places than trips…. oppps!

Where are you off to this year Wanderlusters?

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  1. 6 April 2018 / 16:12


    Awesome plan I must say. I’ll also take some tips from your plan for my next vacations. Thanks for sharing.

    • 9 April 2018 / 17:04

      Thanks so much for your comments!