It’s 6am in Dubai which is actually 5am at home. I’m lying in bed in the almost darkness of a hotel room listening to the snores of Mr Wanderlust and the 2 Things. Somewhere between 3am and 5am the Things appeared in our room and the path of least resistance seemed to be to invite them into our bed which is about the size of a small ship.

I’m thinking back to yesterday’s trip here. As trips go it was actually quite smooth compared to some of the flights we have done. It still inevitably involved us leaving too late and panicking we would miss the flight or have a long run through the airport to get to the gate (we didn’t). Thing 1 gets anxious about such things when there are hours and hours before we need to leave. When we need to hustle out of the house? Not so much. Thing 2 hasn’t napped so I know we are in for a long afternoon.

Before we are allowed into the security line we are stopped. We are told one of our bags needs to be checked as it is too big and heavy. It seems there are new baggage rules this month. With some re-packing we get away with it and move on. When we get to the front of the security line, the man directs us on somewhere to a longer line. We start to argue but it is futile so we settle for some huffing and puffing and some under the breath FFS’s. We’ve taken our fair share of long haul flights over the past few years. You’d think we would have it down to a fine art but yet I’m still nagging the kids all the way to the gate. It’s astonishing the amount of work and effort that goes into a long weekend with a 1 hour flight.

On the plane we set the kids up watching whatever kids trash they can find on the tv and force feed them as much food as we can find to avoid hunger meltdowns. I’m relieved that they both manage to stay in their seats for the whole flight. Thing 2 can’t actually sit still for 2 minutes even if she’s technically in her seat. The Dubai end is filled with bored and tired Things wanting to be carried and melting down at the slightest glitch until we get to The Train.

The Train. We think it’s hilarious that the highlight of this trip for Thing 1 is the train at the airport. (I do remember when I was 4 or 5 making a birthday wish that I could go on a train. Planes seemed so mundane and ordinary and I’d never been on a train). The look on both their faces for the 2 minute journey is utter rapture.

I text a friend when we arrive suggesting we meet in the bar as I’m needing some wine. She replies that she’s needing some shots so I’m glad it’s not just us. We get to the bar and compare travel stories with the other 3 couples here with us. Over a glass of wine and with some parental camaraderie it all seems quite funny now. We have a good laugh at ourselves with our first world, expat problems.

Anyway back to today. You’d think our gigantic bed would be enough room for all of us but of course I have Thing 2’s foot in my ear and no duvet so sleeping is out of the question. I have the audacity to sneeze. Mr Wanderlust wakes up and berates me for being on my phone at such an ungodly hour. The Things rouse enough to have a sleepy argument about who is sleeping where including a comment about me taking up too much room (balanced right on the edge of the bed) before falling back to sleep. They get up at 6.30 (which is actually 5.30 for them). I wonder when jet lag will be a concept that they understand well enough to give us a lie in. Other people’s kids get it. Apparently.

Today we have the delights of Legoland (2nd visit – the Things begged us to return after the last time we were here). This evening is a Guns ‘N’ Roses concert for the grown ups and I have had about 4 hours’ sleep. What could possibly go wrong?

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Emma Morrell

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  1. 3 March 2017 / 10:36

    Guns and Roses!!! Amazing! Love your post, love your writing, you’re a star xxx

    • 5 March 2017 / 10:52

      Thanks therockmum! I’m really enjoying writing – who knew?!