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  1. 5th August 2017 / 16:06

    I admire anyone who can move around the world with kids in tow. I’m a real homebody and have never lived outside of my town! It’s just a bit too scary to even imagine living abroad with all the issues it involves (a child with special needs, for one!), but I definitely need to go down the chute more often!

    • admin
      5th August 2017 / 16:16

      I totally understand that! Everyone is so different with such different needs that it’s easy to try to draw comparisons when we shouldn’t. Now my kids are older I need to go down different chutes more often!

  2. 5th August 2017 / 20:56

    This is a great post and some very important issues to consider but I think it’s so important for kids to Travel and experience different ways of life ….I’d definitely gone for it given half a chance xx

    • admin
      6th August 2017 / 14:30

      To be honest its in our blood now so I just can’t imagine doing anything else. Doesn’t help the parent doubt of worrying we are screwing them up for the future!

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