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  1. 9th September 2017 / 11:06

    Some great tips there, esp on protein first thing .i always leave until later in morning(im on 3rd breakfast before 9am)

    • admin
      9th September 2017 / 14:32

      I have to give Thing 1 protein at every meal and snack or we end up with hanger tantrums and near constant snacking. It’s just not worth it.

  2. kimberleyf1988
    9th September 2017 / 14:44

    Some great tips here, will definitely bear them in mind for future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. randommusings29
    9th September 2017 / 20:58

    Fantastic tips – I don’t have kids but I remember being really picky as a kid, it must have been a nightmare for my poor parents! I always fell for the “other kids are eating it ” thing when we were out and about lol.

  4. 9th September 2017 / 23:41

    These are some great tips, we’ve Travelled to new countries and have worried about what my little one will eat, we always manage a way to keep her happy in the end

    • admin
      10th September 2017 / 03:32

      It’s amazing how creative you can get isn’t it?!

  5. Family Makes
    10th September 2017 / 00:04

    I love your disclaimer that they have all worked, butt also all backfired at some time too!

  6. Donna
    10th September 2017 / 11:45

    I’ve tried most of these and totally agree! Great to read that other mums are on the same page. Explaining why you need enough healthy things before dessert really works with him x

    • admin
      10th September 2017 / 18:40

      Totally agree – how will they learn to make good eating decisions on their own if we don’t help them understand?

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