7 Tips to Limiting Weight Gain on Holiday


How easy is it to go on holiday and gain those pounds as you over eat, eat out and maybe have a tipple or 2 (or 3). I’ve definitely had ups and downs weight-wise this year and the holidays have not been kind to my waistline!

Jen from Just Average Jen is quite the inspiration having lost over 10 stone (that’s 140 pounds or 63 kilos if you operate in those metrics) including while she was on holiday. Just check out her phenomenal before and after pictures here:


What an inspiration!
What an inspiration!

I’m so thrilled that she agreed to write this guest post for me: 7 Tips to Limiting Weight Gain on Holiday – all about how to make more sensible decisions while you are away. I really love the last tip about how sunscreen can help you lose weight!

So without further ado….here she is:


Holidays are all about indulgence aren’t they? Whilst we want to enjoy our holiday though we don’t really want to come home a stone heavier and unable to do up our jeans do we?! Here are my top tips for staying as healthy as you can on holiday!

1. Start the day well

Do you need a fry up every day or could you have some fruit to start the day? Making the choice of fruit will make such a difference and if you are abroad the choice may be different to what you would have at home.

2. Explore new places on holiday

Don’t just stay in the resort when there is so much to see, have a walk to see what is nearby and burn off some calories in the meantime!


3. Stay hydrated

If you are somewhere hot it is easy to drink more alcohol than you normally would just because you are thirsty, take a bottle of water everywhere with you and stay hydrated.

4. Self catering

If you have a self catering apartment make the meals you eat there fun but healthy, that way you can enjoy your meals out whilst knowing it is a treat and you have been making healthy choices too.

5. Smart Ordering

When you order meals make sure you have vegetables or salad with them. This way you will partly fill up on low calorie items and still enjoy the pizza or kebab you are having!

6. Keep Moving

If you are near the beach or have a pool do plenty of swimming, even if like me you can’t swim just walking around in the water, playing piggy in the middle with a beach ball or similar is great exercise without even realising it!

Always active
Always active

7. Avoid The Burn

Use plenty of sunscreen, whilst this doesn’t sound like something that would stop you gaining too much weight on holiday it will keep you healthy and just think, if you get sun burnt you will feel sorry for yourself if you’re anything like me and then eat more! So in a round-about way it is actually going to help you keep a healthy weight!

Living Proof

Whilst I am no expert by any means I have lost over ten stone by eating healthily and even lost weight on a 2 week holiday to Majorca! My motto is very much that you should enjoy your life and never deprive yourself unnecessarily.

Bikini ready!
Bikini ready!

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